Jeanne in the Peace Corps
July 21, 2009 - Jeanne in Kyrgyzstan 7
What happened to "Jeanne in Kyryzstan6"? I do intend to post them, but they're photos of the apartment which Jeanne got kicked out of. No, it wasn't because of wild parties on her part. It was because relatives of the landlord showed up and wanted it.

Anyway, here's the next group... from July. She and her band of merry people were again wandering the countryside. It's perfectly safe. You can see that Triple A was right there to help when the tire blew out.

April 24, 2009 - Jeanne in Kyrgyzstan 5
Here are some of the latest photos from "The Adventures of Jeanne in Kyrgyzstan". You might notice that these photos are little smoother than some of the others. That's because I have some new Photoshop techniques for working with web photos, thanks to Dr. Brown.

I guess that J and her buds in in a couple of these. The blanket is one she's been working on for a while. Fourth on the top row is NOT the Kentucky Derby... lotsa horses... it's some kinda festival in Naryn. The Dad and baby were attending... you can see musicians in the background with Kyrgyz garb.

Two Kyrgyz wrestlers actually won medals at the last Olympic games, but I doubt this is one of them. The cows are munching on the local trash heap.

I think that's one of Jeanne's classes on the far right middle. I had to do a lot of cleanup in the lower left photo. Jeanne thought the sign in English was unusual in the middle of Kyrzyzstan.

This has just been a little narrative of some of the pix, but I wanted to get something up here quickly and don't really know much about most of these.
February 4, 2009 - Jeanne in Kyrgyzstan 4
Here are the latest pix from the booming metropolis of Naryn, Kyrgyzstan. There's a couple of photos of Jeanne with the Peace Corps group, but more with her local family.

We can't express how grateful we are that these kind people on the other side of the earth took our little girl in and care for her.

You may have read about Kyrgyzstan in the news lately. The Kyrgyz government wants to close the Manas airbase where the US Air Force has a strong presence.

December 23, 2008 - Jeanne in Kyrgyzstan 3
It's good to see that she's still alive, even though those arm's length self-photos NEVER turn out well... no matter how much time I spend in Photoshop.
The first 4 photos are Thanksgiving dinner for the Peace Corps volunteers. I don't see anything that remotely resembles turkey, but these kids were raised on Sesame Street. Maybe they're afraud of retaliation by Big Bird.

The center photo is Jeanne's littlest "sister". I believe Jeanne gave her the stuffed pig as a gift.

The two lower right photos are of Jeanne's dog, Coco. She never did well at spelling, so I'm thinking his name should be Cocoa.

Finally, in the lower left we have a photo of a "goat-in-a-bag". It's kind of an inside joke for Kyrgys people. If your friend has been out drinking heavily the night before, you sneak into his bedroom and leave this for him to see as soon as wakes up! Kinda like in college.

Actually, Jeanne took a minibus back to Naryn from Bishkek and this guy was in with the luggage, so she took his picture.

November 9, 2008 - Jeanne in Kyrgyzstan 2
Here's part two of the unfolding drama featuring our little girl in Kyrgyzstan. She took a walk in the mountains south of Naryn. It certainly looks beautiful, but you have to remember that this is the tourist season. In a good year the tourist population gets up to maybe three. You can see how the city sits in a river valley between the two mountain ranges. There's more detailed satellite photos if you're wondering about the terrain. Before you think about going there I'd suggest you take a look at what they make you eat! ...You're crave-pack won't last forever.

There's a shop window displaying the latest styles of today's dapper Kyrgyz male. That's Jeannes little puppy next to Jeanne's friend and her dog. At the bottom are photos of the 3 girls in the family where Jeanne is staying. I don't know their names yet. The little one is by herself, then with her sisters, but the tall girl on the right is a friend.

October 9, 2008 - Jeanne in Kyrgyzstan
Not quite the same as 'Alice in Wonderland', but in many ways just as surreal. We finally got some photos of our little girl in Kyrgyzstan.

The outfit with the pointy hat is apparently traditional Kyrgyz garb, presumably for special occasions. Her "house mother" (to Jeanne's left) from her stay in Kant, is a traditional Kyrg, but seems comfortable in slacks.

I believe that is also Jeanne's house mother posing next to her in the top right photo. Other than that we have no idea who these people are... but we're grateful that they're helping Jeanne.

You can see that she picked up a stray dog although I don't think she could bring him to Naryn, where she's staying for the next two years.

The group of people in the middle right photo and the young lady at lower right are presumably other Peace Corps volunteers. Along with Jeanne, they all have that "what have I gotten myself into?" look!

Jeanne's assignment is teaching Health Care and English in Naryn.

In case you're wondering... Where the hell is Kyrgyzstan?
June 28, 2008 - Jeanne's Graduation Party
I can't believe that I'm getting these photos posted less than a month after the party. I can't believe that our daughter is on the other side of the planet either, but that's a different story.

Click on the photo at left to see some party pix.

May 17-18, 2008 - Jeanne's Graduation from JCU
Well she made it. We drove to Cleveland for the graduation ceremony and had a chance to party with some of Jeanne's friends and parents. Finally we collected all of her "stuff" and brought her back from Cleveland to St. Charles for the last time.

Click on the photo at right to get the full scoop.