Paul & Jennifer
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May 22, 2009 - Jennifer & Paul Engagement Photoshoot
Jennifer and Paul had an engagement, or "pre-wedding" photoshoot in downtown Chicago. For any of you familiar with the city, most of the landmarks are recognizable.

You can see how beautiful my future daughter-in-law looks... like a movie star. I still can't believe that both boys found such beautiful, intelligent, well-educated, and accomplished young women to marry them. Life can be truly amazing sometimes.

These terrific photos were taken by Ian Dharma, who they've chosen as their wedding photographer. He has many breathtaking images on his website at Be sure to visit his site to see more of his work. If you have a Chicago area wedding in your future, I believe Jennifer and Paul would highly recommend that you contact him.

May 9, 2009 - Paul's Birthday
We took Paul and Jennifer to DiMarco's in Addison for dinner on Paul's birthday this year. It seems to be Paul's favorite Italian restaurant, and dinner there is always a treat.

I had to take a few photos of them together after dinner. It wasn't much in the way of posing, but a few casual shots of them are worthwhile.

I wanted a picture of Paul sitting with Jennifer standing, and... I did have something like the image at right in mind. It's not exactly what I envisioned, but Paul was getting annoyed, so it had to do.

The "Wanted Poster" was created entirely from scratch in Photoshop, although I got the wooden plank background from a photo exchange because I didn't want to spend more time creating the wood.

October 28, 2008 - OMG... Another Wedding!
Meg didn't bring my camera to the celebration dinner at Gino's East this evening. That means I have no pictures of the newly engaged Paul and Jennifer. I have these photos of the ring, taken surreptitiously before Jennifer knew about it.

I can't give you a lot of details about the ring. You'll have to ask them. I can only tell you that it was custom made for them and took about two days beyond FOREVER to finish.

That's okay... you can act surprised. We know you're not, but it's still exciting. We're really happy for them, but completely flaberghasted at how two beautiful, sweet, well-educated, and otherwise intelligent young women have now managed to hook up with our sons. Miracles DO happen... sometimes more than once!

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