December 28-29, 2007 - Matt & Coral's Wedding
Engagement Photoshoot

Sunday, October 21, 2007

It appears more commonplace among Hong Kong couples to do a photo shoot several months before they get married. Engagement photo sessions are not unheard of here in the U.S., but I've personally witnessed many of them while walking along the pier in Hong Kong. I'm not certain whether or not it is common in mainland China, bu it seems to be a very popular practice in Hong Kong.

The couple usually rents the clothing for the photoshoot and picks a location that they like or one that has some special meaning to them. I'm not sure how this location was chosen, but Coral's dresses were rented, as was one of the tuxedos Matt wore. He already had a suit and bought a tuxedo for the wedding, which he got to wear for these photos,

I know it was a little expensive to have a really professional photographer and rent the clothes, but the images are breathtaking. I believe Coral was more of the "prime mover" in theis photo session, so she deserves most of the credit.