December 28-29, 2007 - Matt & Coral's Wedding
Traveler's Dinner

Friday, December 28, 2007

At some point during the months preceding the wedding, Meg contacted Coral and noted that we would like to have a dinner the night before the wedding for all the people who had to travel a long distance to attend this event. Meg asked if Coral could suggest a restaurant where this could be held. After consultation with her "team" of friends (I think this was Shirley's idea) Coral noted that the Hong Kong Art Museum might be ideal. After a bit more research, the matter was settled and we booked the Art Museum second floor terrace for a dinner party on Friday, December 28, 2007, the evening before the wedding.
The view was spectacular, as the Art Museum terrace overlooks Hong Kong harbor and the amazing skyline of the financial district. Ferry boats, tour boats, commercial boats, and the red-sailed Duk Ling Chinese junk tour boat all floated about below the dynamic, multi-colored lights of the buildings on the island.

Although a thermometer wasn't readily available, I'd guess the temperature was about 70°F when we arrived, and dropped maybe 5°F over the course of the evening. Certainly balmy for Chicagoans arriving from a 30° climate.

The meal was delicious, although I don't recall eating much. I was busy hobknobbing and taking pictures. At 8:00 PM the harbor came alive with the nightly light show. Spotlights and green lasers shot from the tops of some buildings while lights danced and changed colors on others. The entire show is put to music, but we couldn't hear it from our position on the terrace. The fact that we were elevated and had the terrace to ourselves made it seem like the entire show was solely for our benefit. Cousin Ed said "You guys sure know how to throw a party. It will be a long time before anyone can top this." He was right. It was an amazing evening.