December 28-29, 2007 - Matt & Coral's Wedding
Before the Ceremony

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The next morning we gathered outside the Marco Polo Prince hotel. For many of us, it was a walk of about one block from the Marco Polo Gateway. Most of us waited and talked for about one half hour before the bus arrived.

It seemed like a quick ride, but it actually took about 40 minutes. We drove north through the city, then west, into the New Territories. We passed Tsing Yi island, where Coral's apartment is located. When I saw the airport on Lantau Island, I knew we were close.

The Bride and Groom arrived in the reception hall of the Gold Coast Yacht Club about 10 minutes after we did. We had just enough time to poke around and get our bearings before I saw my beautiful daughter-in-law. I already had the camera out and the flash unit mounted, so I just started snapping!
Since I had to actually take part in the ceremony, I was not able to roam about taking photos. I handed the Rebel off to cousin Ed to act as a surrogate paparazzo. He did a great job, so many of the photos in the next few sections were taken by Ed.

After getting flowers pinned on me, we gravitated toward the terrace at the back of the club. Many of Coral's family and friends had gathered there already. Events went by so quickly that I didn't seem to have enough time to spend with people. I got a few words in with Coral's uncle and his family, but would have liked to spend more time just meeting and talking to other members of her family

Well, we didn't actually get to see any of this, but it appears that the paparazzi arrived while the bride and groom, along with Coral's parents, were still getting dressed. These "preparaton-for-the-big-event" photos seem to be popular with wedding photographers here in the U.S. as well. It appears that these fellows did a nice job. I can't add too much commentary though, because I wasn't there!
The tea ceremony is a really cool tradition... and not just because Matt and Coral served us on their knees! Accepting the tea from them is symbolic of accepting them, as a couple, into our family.

I'm not certain exactly how the order of serving is determined, but we were served first, then Coral's parents, then her aunts and uncles. I think we were shown much more courtesy in this, and other events, than we could fully appreciate. Coral's family is extremely kind, so it's easy to see how she turned out to be such a sweetheart.

I believe that's her dad's aunt at lower right, although I'm not certain. The stunning young lady assisting in the ceremony is Coral's friend, Kermit.

After the Tea Ceremony, we had a few minutes more to "congregate" before the Main Event! I've included some photos of the setting, although it's impossible to convey how spectacular it was. You can see that the weather was perfect and the club was elegant. There was a large photo on display from their "photo shoot" in October, while the string quartet supplied some background music.

Eventually everyone took their places in anticipation. The flower girl and boy were Toto and WanWan, although I'm sorry to say I don't know which name belongs to which child. The ring "pillow" was made by Coral, in her ceramics class.