December 28-29, 2007 - Matt & Coral's Wedding
Wedding Ceremony

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Here comes the bride! ...with her dad. The ceremony was announced by Terrence and Kristy. If I recall, Kristy did the Cantonese version while Terrence did the English. I'm not sure who the little peanut belonged to that was bringing up the rear.

You can see how incredible Coral looks. Even though we just saw her a few minutes before she came down the aisle, it was still exciting. Matt was beaming and obviously happy.

The ceremony was quite a bit simpler and quicker than most we're used to, but seemed no less heartfelt and meaningful. Of their four parents, I've probably spent the most time with the two of them together before they were married. They've been kind enough to show me all over Hong Kong and the surrounding area. It's been pretty obvious that they really enjoy each other's company, and really belong together. I couldn't help but be happy for them.

After they announced their vows, Matt and Coral signed the legal documents. Her Dad and I were also required to sign according to local law, although the customs behind that are not entirely clear to me.

You can see that Paul and Yan, another of Coral's gorgeous pals did the equivalent of "standing up" for the wedding. Paul, as best man, hung onto the rings, and gave them to Matt and Coral after the signing ceremony. Matt had lost quite a bit of weight before the wedding, but Coral still had a little trouble getting the ring on his finger.

They didn't have any trouble locking lips for the 99-second kiss-for-good-luck, another nifty local custom. They were giggling after the 99 seconds, so they must've had fun.

These pages are a little more crammed than some of others. I tried to make the group photos as big as possible on the page so individual faces don't look like just so many speckles. During family photos, Meg and I both noted that now we have 4 children, and we're extremely happy to have Coral as part of our family.

I couldn't help but noting that both sides of Coral's family actually listened to the photographers instructions and came together for group photos, unlike the Stiglianese family, who are world famous for "not following directions well".