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Walsh Celebration
May 17, 2008
John Carroll University Graduation
As I said, the Walsh family graciously invited us to their little celebration after the Baccalaureate Mass. (I had to get that in there again so I could practice spelling "baccalaureate"). Their families had a suite at one of the local Inns. It was great to see that their entire family supported the new graduate, unlike some families where only the parents showed up.

Anyway it was great fun. Dennis made a speech and was extremely pleased that he finally got his JCU graduate. Ceil was busy being the perfect hostess. The youngsters were all "picture perfect".

I got some photos of Rodney's family, too, although I'm not totally sure who belonged to what family. I did meet his Mom and younger sister though. In case you're wondering... Rodney is another crew teammate. He and Eileen are "an item". I know. I'm not supposed to say those things.