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Commencement commencement
May 18, 2008
John Carroll University Graduation
Jeanne Stiglianese Grad
Gina Antonelli Grad cum laude
Theresa Semeraro Grad
Eileen Walsh Grad
Here are a few pages from the commencement program. I still don't know why they call it a commencement. Maybe because it's a commencement of the rest of their lives... that would be really corny. I didn't put in every page, but I put in the one with Jeanne's name. I had to put in the first page, showing the mace bearer!

Anyway... it wasn't held on the JCU campus, but at the Wolstein Center in downtown Cleveland. They were playing photos of the grads in their prior years on screens to either side of the stage. You can see the layout in the first photo, first row. Each shot was up for about 3 to 4 seconds, so I was extremely fortunate to actually get a picture of one of the screens when they showed Jeanne and Eileen (first photo, second row). I missed one or two more of kids that I knew.

When the ceremony started they projected live video feeds from one of about 3 different cameras onto these screens. I chose to stick with the shots to center stage, as you can see.

I had to post Jeanne's diploma, as proof to doubter's in general and her brothers in particular.

My choice of shooting to center stage, unfortunately meant that I could only get a photo of the graduates back when they were handed the diploma. Our position did, however, give me an opportunity to get a few shots as they were processing up to the stage and waiting in line on the platform.

Of course I took as many photos as I could of Jeanne, since I assumed the role of her primary photographer. I did get a few photos of her friends, as best I could. They were moving pretty quickly, though, and not being able to see the faces as they went up for diplomas made it a little more difficult.

Actually the hardest part was that the grads were naturally in alphabetical order of their last names, and I only knew many of Jeanne's friends by their first names. I did know Gina, and Eileen's last names. I just got lucky that Theresa was pretty close to Eileen, and I noticed her there. So if I missed you... sorry.

You can see that they gave out a few more awards after the diplomas. Once the graduates got their sheepskins, though, not too many people were paying much attention, so the faculty and administrators just gave up and left. Actually, I don't think the whole affair took more than about 2 hours. I thought it went pretty smoothly.