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Graduation Aftermath
May 18, 2008
John Carroll University Graduation
There's the Wolstein Center. I probably misspelled it a few other times here, but there it is... the site of the 2008 JCU Commencement.

The graduates all seemed pretty happy... smiling and hugging each other. They actually seemed happy to be finished with their college years. They're too young to realize that they are just fresh meat for the workaday world... Now is when life gets a lot tougher. We won't spoil it for them. They'll find out soon enough.

I have no idea who many of these people are, so please excuse me if I miss naming you. Of course I know Anjali and Liz from the crew team. I just met Woody (dueling cell phones) for the first time.

We met up with the Walsh's and Rodney's family again, so I got a few more photos. Dennis took a beautiful shot of Meg, Jeannie, and I. What a great guy... and a closet photographer too!

I got a shot of the Wolstein Center sign, congratulating the JCU graduates. The sign changed every 10 seconds or so, and I think it was in the process of changing when I snapped the shutter, so it looks a little funky.

Finally, we met up with Theresa and her buddies. I took a couple more photos before we packed up and headed for home.

We're finally finished with all 3!