June 28, 2008 - Jeanne's Graduation Party
A few weeks ago we had a graduation party for Jeanne. If you're wondering why her cake says "Good Luck on Your Adventure", it's because she left on July 3 for a two year mission in Kyrgystan with the Peace Corps. Most of us didn't really know where that was, but it's directly north of India, south of Russia, and west of China. She was able to phone us a few days ago, and assures us that she's staying with a very sweet and caring family in the city of Kant. Kant is just east of Bishkek, the capital of the Kyrgys Republic. More on her adventure later!
We had quite a fun time at the party. It was such a mixture of friends, neighbors, and family that it couldn't help but be fun.

We had some storms pass through with nearly tornado winds early in the afternoon, but you can see that the weather cleared nicely for us. A good breeze kept the bugs away out on the patio and deck.