September 13, 2008 - Matt and Coral's Chicago Wedding Party
Well we couldn't have picked a worse day to schedule Matt and Coral's wedding party. There was no way of knowing six months ahead that September 13, 2008 would have the greatest rainfall in the recorded history of Chicago. It was most unfortunate because some of the guests who intended to celebrate with us were unable to make it, either because they had water-related catastrophes at home or the roads in their area were impassable.
Of course we would have preferred a bright, sunny afternoon so everyone could enjoy our idyllic setting here in the woods, but everyone seemed reasonably comfortable with Plan B... inside the house. As the rain slowed to a slight drizzle, some guests enjoyed the show of our raging creek from the comfort of our deck, about 10 feet above the flood waters. It was pretty spectacular entertainment for the evening.

Everyone was sustained by a magnificent array of delectables. Meg hired a catering service for the evening, and the staff did a wonderful job preparing the food in our kitchen and serving all of our guests. We gave away quite a bit of food after the party, but were still able to subsist on leftovers for more than a week.

I think Matt and Coral had a nice time as well. I'm always lost in such a large crowd... even though I knew everyone but a few of Matt's friends. Coral however, was her usual sophisticated, gracious, and delightful self, greeting and mingling among a hundred people she had not previously met. We're really happy that she's part of our family now.

Many of the people who came with us to the wedding in Hong Kong last December were also able to visit for this party. We're so grateful to everyone who was able to visit and really sorry to miss those who weren't. We wish our little Jeanne could have been here with us but she's about 9,000 miles away at her Peace Corps assignment in Kyrgyzstan.