Wedding Maps
For those faint of heart who prefer not to wander the western suburbs in search of the wedding ceremony, reception, and/or lodgings, I've prepared several maps to assist in your travels. I've also added a few tips to help each of our friends and relatives have a safe and pleasant journey to help us celebrate this wonderful day.
1. Overview Map

For those traveling from outside the Fox Valley, this map shows the location of the Hotel (Purple - and furthest north), the Reception (Red - in the center), and the Church (Orange - furthest south).

If you are unfamiliar with Aurora city streets, please study the map. I strongly recommend you drive in the company of an experienced navigator, proficient at map-reading. There are many one-way streets, so give yourself a little extra time.

2. From I-90

Whether traveling to the Hotel, the Reception, or the Church, if you're coming via I-90, exit at Randall Road south.

If you are going directly to the church ceremony, please look at the Overview Map and consider traveling south on I-355 to I-88 west. The trip down Randall is quite long. If you're east of Rt 59, it might be faster to take the eastern route down I-355.

3. Randall Road Route

If you do head down Randall Road, follow the map at right. Continue south on Randall to Galena Blvd. and turn left (east). Then follow Map 5 to continue on to the Church.

4. I-88 to Church (south), or Reception (north)

If traveling via I-88, exit at Route 31. Southbound will bring you to the Church (Map 5), while northbound will bring you to the Reception (Map 6)

5. Church - Downtown Aurora

Whether you're coming via Randall Road or Route 31 south, go to Galena Blvd to cross the river heading east. Immediately after crossing the river, turn right (south) on Broadway (Rt 25). Travel south for about 5 blocks and turn left (east) on North Avenue. Continue on North Avenue for about 7 or 8 blocks to Jackson Street. Turn right (south) on Jackson to find the church on the next block. Drive 1/2 block south, past the church to park in the school parking lot marked with the orange dot. In the unlikely event that the parking lot is full, find street parking in the light orange area I've marked on the map.

I've included a satellite photo so you can see the "lay of the land" before showing up. Head into the lot, then walk 1/2 block back north to the Church.

When leaving, head north on Jackson Street until it seems to end. Turn left on Downer Place, then quickly right on Anderson Street. Go north two blocks to New York Street, and turn left. Please be careful here because traffic from the right does not stop. Follow New York Street west 2 blocks past the river to Lake Street (Rt 31). Make a right turn and travel north.

6 - Route 31 Connection

This map shows the connection along Route 31 of the Church (furthest south), the Reception (north), and the Hotel (at the very tip top of the map). This is a rather scenic drive along the river, so take your time. You might want to stop along the way to enjoy the view.

If you're not familiar with the area, be sure to look for the windmill on the east side of the river, just north of Fabyan Parkway.

7 - Reception

The Riverside reception hall is one block east of Route 31, just north of Route 38 (Roosevelt Road). There is a large parking lot across the street to the west.

8 - Hotel

If traveling to the hotel via Randall Road, turn left (east) on Route 64 (North Avenue). This will take you through beautiful downtown St. Charles, but it's the route of least confusion. After passing through downtown (you'll have to go uphill on the east side of the river), turn left on Dunham Road... it's called Industrial on the south side so be careful... there is a stoplight at the intersection. Head north one block, then turn right (east). You'll find yourself in the St. Charles Hotel Orchard.

If traveling to the Church or Reception from the Hotel, take Route 64 (North Avenue) west into downtown St. Charles. After passing the Baker Hotel, the next light is Route 31. Turn left (south) and use Map 7 to get to the Reception, or Maps 6 and 5 to get to the Church.