February 9, 2008 - Cousin's Party 2008
The "Cousin's Party Conspiracy" is an alternate title for this page. I suspect that my wife and my sister, Carol, were co-consipirators in attempting a surprise party for me to coincide with the cousin's party.

It became a little suspicious when I found out that Tom and Cathy were going. Several other little "miscues" also made me wonder... like some lame reason why we couldn't go in the side door at Carol and Tim's house as we usually do. Walking up to the front door and seeing a crowd of people in their foyer was a dead giveaway, though.

Well, I'm sure they had fun surprising me, so we won't tell.

Other than the birthday aspect, it was another madcap cousin's party. Stanley continued to lobby for his "Juggernaut Plan" for the American continents. That's about as serious as the cousin's party ever gets.

You can see that we added some birthday stuff to this year's festivities. We managed to get everyone together for a group photo. Even my wife cooperated... eventually.

In the last two photos... dousin Mary seemed happy, but Rod appeared bemused.