April 5, 2008 - JCU Crew Dinner 2008
Satrurday evening we attended Jeanne's last JCU Crew Dinner. Fr. Neihoff, the University President, attended and spent an hour or so meeting and greeting the team and their parents. He seemed a very kind and thoughtful man. He also said the Benediction before we ate, but unfortunately, his schedule would not allow him time to have dinner with us. Unfortunate because the meal was quite tasty.

This year was a little extra special for us because Karen Zavarella (Miller), our niece, was nice enough to come along. You can't miss her... the bright orange top!

After dinner we moved on to the "audio visual presentation" or "Crew in Review" portion of the evening. There were no speeches by the coaches this year, which should've reduced the length of the event, but it didn't really get much shorter.

Finally, we had the raffle. I'm not sure they did as well this year as in the past... at least it didn't seem so. We certainly did our part, since Jeanne bought one of the two "blades" which were raffled. I told her that she can use it to decorate her "yurt" next year.

Just after I removed the flash unit and put my camera away, the girls started posing. Of course I yanked it out again and used the built-in flash, so some of the group shots at the end aren't lit quite as well as I'd like. All-in-all I got reasonably decent coverage of the evening. Hope you enjoy!