May 9, 2008 - Dad Vail Regatta 2008
In early May, Meg and I flew to Philadelphia to see Jeanne's last collegiate regatta, the Dad Vail. Had we known how miserable the weather would be on race day, we might not have gone.

Our hotel was perfectly located in downtown Philly, but we had to walk two miles in a chilly, steady downpour to the race stand. We were completely soaked by the time we got there. It took two days for my shoes to dry out!

Earlier Races
You can see that Dennis and Ceil Walsh also made it to the Dad Vail. Dennis was somewhat instrumental in talking us into making the extra effort to get there. Despite the soggy state we were in when we arrived, we were glad he did.
Race Officials
If you look closely at the third photo to the right, you can see that the race was officiated by the Gorton's fisherman. I think Mrs. Paul had a hand in it too!
JCU Varsity Women's Team Race
Okay, the girls didn't seem particularly motivated to put forth a Herculean effort here, but I did get some some nice photos. The reason for the arrangement at left is that I put the camera in "burst" mode. The two groups of five-in-a-row were taken at roughly 0.6 second intervals. There are some prettty nice ones in there... photos that you won't get with your "point and shoot" camera, no matter how many megapixels you have.