August 31, 2008
If you didn't get to the Stiglianese Family Picnic this year, or if you were there and frittered away your time in drinking, gambling, and/or socializing, you may find this display of photos to be enlightening. If, on the other hand, you were there and paying attention, you might enjoy reminiscing. For the fourth year in a row it was held at the Straka Grove picnic grounds in Prospect Heights. Carol and Tim have cleverly avoided police reports by INVITING the neighbors.

I've culled a few photos, but the vast majority are posted. A 2008 book has already been posted, but you're not allowed to see the glossies until the next picnic rolls around.

As usual, if you like certain photos and want HiRes images for printing, just contact me and tell me what you'd like. If your photo is up here and you want it taken down, again contact me and I'll remove it. Otherwise, I hope you find a few good ones that give you the "flavor" of the day.

Click on each of the photos below to navigate to a page dedicated to the noted topics. I've been forced to extend some pages to a little over 50 images per page. I've tried to keep it to a minimum, but I didn't want to leave out many egg-toss photos. If you don't want to look at all the photos you can just browse the ones on this page as a summary. You're missing out on some big fun though.

Straka Grove Setting
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Stiglianese Family Picnic
Celebrations & Food
Egg Toss
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Each year I take a few shots that are sort of "overall" and don't really fit under any of the other topical headings. In an attempt to make these appear purposeful, I'm grouping them under the generic title of "setting". Had you not just been told otherwise, you might even think me organized about this.
Family Photo
Since the disaster of last year's family photo, I vowed to never again attempt to get everyone together for another picture. Maybe next year I'll set up the tripod for some smaller groups. I've got a few things in mind.
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Games & Sports
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Stiglianese - TNG
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The raffle table had a few new items this year. It looked like someone dredged a water trap or snuck onto a local driving range after hours... there were lotsa golf balls.

We had a trio of callers this year - Louis, then Bobby, then Antonino. It may have helped a little since there were only a few times that noone claimed their "prize".

At the end, we tried to foist the table remnants off on Antonio and Gabriella, but they claimed they couldn't carry it all back to Italy. That wasn't really a good excuse, since we made Joe and Sarah take stuff all they way back to California.

I actually helped to pull down the tents this year. Cousin Mike (Ohio) grabbed the camera and took a few photos. The fact that he took a shot of my chiseled butt is somewhat disturbing though.
This year we were joined by Gabriella and Antonio, guests of Carol and Tim from Italy. We hope they didn't mind the raucous crowd and hope they can join us again. They were lots of fun, and joined in on many of the events. We were rooting for them in the egg toss, but unfortunately Gabriella got yolked. Take a look at the egg toss photos.