August 31, 2008
Rod's Birthday
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Stiglianese Family Picnic
Rod actually looked surprised that they had him blow out a candle. Okay, we only got Uncle Mike and Carma Lee last year, but you should know by now that your wife is sneaky!

Rodney is running fast, but he'll never catch me.

Everyone knows by now that we only allow card-carrying members of the "Clean-Your-Plate" club to attend the Stiglianese Family Picnic. This year saw the usual over-abundance of food, but by-golly we made a dent in it! Everyone was loosening their belts and walking a little funny by the end of the day, but we sure showed that food who was boss!
What better way is ther to celebrate the lives of Aunt Grace and Dad than with a Canoli Cake? Now I don't intend to be sacriligious, but if we can celebrate the death of Jesus with a little bread, then Dad and Aunt Grace must be AT LEAST a Canoli Cake!
Julie's Birthday
Julie was next. Paul had some trouble lighting the candle. We'll have to remember the propane torch next year to speed things up.

I was waiting for a blast of wind, but Julie was awfully nonchalant about blowing it out. I almost missed the shot!

Uncle Mike's Birthday
Uncle Mike was the opposite of Julie. Maybe it was because he had time to prepare. All the other candle-blowing added to the fact that they caught him last year was a dead give-away that he was next.

Anyway, he took his time, warmed up with some cleansing breaths, then started exhaling in earnest, from a laid back position. It was sorta like the big bad wolf... he kept huffing and puffing until he just blew that candle out!

Cousin Mary's Birthday
Cousin Mary was surprised that we remembered her in the round of birthday celebrations. If she wasn't pleased, she was gracious enough not to show it.

She took her time in blowing out the candle, since she just finished reading the book "Waiting to Exhale"... and liked it.

Mike & Linda's Anniversary
Some of us old-timers remember the family picnic... way back in the dim past... when Uncle Mike and Linda stood up on the porch in front of Rodney, and God, and everyone, and got married. Not too many families have events like that at their picnics!

Now we can have a celebration of a celebration. There was singing and dancing and many wishes of future happiness. It looks like they're well on their way.