August 31, 2008
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Stiglianese Family Picnic
Egg Toss
The Egg Toss... it's a grueling event that tests the strength, stamina, coordination, concentration, and sheer willpower of team members from across the family, and now, across the globe! . It is Olympic, in proportion. No participant emerges from this competition without a lifetime memory of... defeat... or VICTORY!

...and some have egg all over them besides!

Scan through these action photos. You can see the steely determination in their eyes. You can feel their hearts pumping in eager anticipation. You can smell the adrenaline in the air as the white orb arcs toward it's target. You can hear the fragile shell crack as it strikes their hands... and you can practically taste that disgusting mess of slimy yellow glop as it oozes over fingers, across clothing, and through hair.

Okay, I'm finished.

The teams of Antonio & Gabriella, Alex & Mallory, and John & Antonino tied for Silver. Cousin Michael (Ohio) and Louis won Gold this year. Now that victor's handshake looks a little unusual, but I guess it works for them.