August 31, 2008
Cat's Cradle
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Stiglianese Family Picnic
Games & Sports
I think the kids had a book... and brought a couple of shoelaces. Cousin Cathy showed Julie and Bobby a few Cat's Cradle moves. I helped out a little before grabbing the camera and taking some photos of the string and finger gyrations. Julie picked it up pretty quickly, but I think Bobby needs a little more practice.
We started with the smallest kids first, as usual. For some reason they saw Antonino as a major Piñata threat and blindfolded him for the first couple of swipes. Julie turned out to be the closet Piñata-killer though. She was relentless. Even after the poor beast was badly wounded, she kept whacking him into submission until she finally broke him. Her parents considered this preparation for marriage.

As soon as the hapless Piñata spilled his guts, it was a kids free-for-all. They scooped up candy like it was... well... candy!

Meanwhile the poor Piñata head hung there, a warning to other Piñatas to keep away. Here lurks Julie, the Piñata Killer!

What is there to say about a good 'ol ball-in-a-cup game. Cathy introduced the kids to this timeless classic but we had to stop the event after only a few minutes. Even the young participants could not keep from yawning. We were afraid they'd fall asleep while standing.
There was actually an event between the ball-in-a-cup and the buckets. The kids quickly gave up when it hit about 9.5 on the Lameness Magnitude scale.

They jumped right into the Buckets event as you can clearly see. The idea of the ball going into the bucket is obvious to even the youngest. Staying BEHIND the line is somewhat less clear, however. As it turned out, every child got the ball into every bucket!

This is more of a sport in that it can actually be played by organized teams. You can see from the photos that the picnic version has neither teams nor organization.
Bag Toss
This was found to be somewhat safer than horseshoes, played at previous picnics, and also less space -consuming. I suppose if you get konked with a bean bag you're less likely to be scarred for life.

Notice that I got an action shot of each tosser with a bag in the air.