February 28, 2009 - Stiglianese Cousin's Party 2008
We had the Stiglianese Cousin's party at our house this year. We're a little bit of a hike for most of the gang, but at least they got to see the house without a flood in the back yard.

I had to start off the photos with food, but unfortunately never had time to get back to the table at it's peak. Consequently, we are missing a photograph of the true bounty of esculent ecstacy.

Moving right along... I wasn't trying to cut Marianne out of that photo with Pauline... that was a photo finger malfunction. I was trying to do a focal lock on Pauline and accidentally snapped the shutter.

The shot of Tim and Stanley show that they were involved in an absolutely scintillating conversation, since they both appear to be asleep. It was great to see Joe Strus after years of self-imposed exile.

Oh,... and delusions of grandeur aside, Stanley is NOT the Messiah. He may relate the true tales of his recent terrible sufferings in the Garden of Urology, but there are truly no scriptural prophecies which concern themselves with the Savior's wee-wee.