6/4/05 - Notre Dame 35th Reunion
Well here's some shots of the Notre Dame campus. I took the first ones on April 10, 2005, on the way home from visiting Jeanne in Cleveland.

I'm really disapointed in myself for the second batch of photos, taken June 4, 2005 at the 35th reunion. Yeah, there's some neat pix of "Touchdown Jesus", "Faircatch Corby", and the rest of the campus, but I didn't stop to take any real "reunion" photos... and I know better! Sorry for those of you that didn't make it. I would've like to give you some better insights. I had fun, and I think Bill Kwinn did too. There's a good shot of Our Lady of the Lightning Rod, though.

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April 10, 2005
June 4, 2005

The last image, in case you're wondering, is the empty lot at 614 Harrison, where Nuke House once proudly(?) stood. Alas, Nuke House is no more!

Physics News... http://www.physics.nd.edu/

I reconnected with Prof. Emmerson Funk and Jim Kaiser. Dr. Funk related that Prof.s "Bud" Darden and Paul Chagnon still haunt the halls every now and again. Unfortunately, Cornelius Browne and John Mihelich are not as healthy as we once knew them to be, and for those who haven't heard, Walt Miller and Darwin J. Meade have passed on. I also met Prof. Ani Aprahamian, who is the department chairperson and the director of the Nuclear Structure Lab.

Since no one else showed up for the "Physics Reunion Photo" in front of the Admin building on Saturday morning, Bill Kwinn and I posed as the personification of the old "Physics Spirit"! Those guys look too old and flabby to be us!

I felt like a bit of a celebrity, since I think I have the dubious distinction of being the only "triple domer" in our class. Of course, Dr. Bob Arnot was the real celebrity. He gave a very nice talk at the reunion dinner of his adventures in the middle east. Although, looking in the old yearbook I found that his hair was never that... blonde.

August 28, 2005

Well, we stopped at ND again, for mass, after dropping Jeanne off to start her sophomore year at John Carroll University in Cleveland. We saw the guard at the north gate turn away a car with a Purdue sticker. They apparently did not know the Catholic passwords... "We're going to mass." "Go right in!"

I took these photos of the admin building. You can see that the scaffolding is down and the refurbishment has been completed.