3 - June 10, 2006 - Suzhou Walk
3b - Westbound
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Okay, here's the pix from "Suzhou - The Voyage Home". There's an extensive park along the south side of the road. Every tree is meticulously manicured, as are the walkways. you can see the trees are not only bound with rope (presumably to prevent growth of branches in undesired areas), but most are also secured with an elaborate network of posts & poles. Look at the tree in row 1 - column 3.

The walkway in row 2 - column 1 consists of a boardwalk, next to a mesh which allows the grass to grow through, but acts as a support for the ground. The black disks are lights.

I'm not sure what the women were working on in the field, maybe pulling weeds. They worked diligently for at least the 20 minutes I was around.

Now some people think the Chinese can be a little shy, or even prudish. Here's a park full of statues of naked women! How hot is that!?

Matt said that group gatherings were generally discouraged in China, but this area of the park was obviously intended for concerts. There is a distinct "stage" area with a backdrop of these somewhat stylized statues of women playing musical instruments.

You can see from the photos that the park borders on a good sized lake. It's not called "Lake Suzhou" or anything easy like that, so I didn't retain the name Matt related to me. I saw some structures out on the island, and took a couple of shots, one to cover most of the island, and the other at maximum telephoto. After Photoshopping them, it appears that the island is preened similar to the park, and may be intended for visitors.

The guy in the boat is the same one from the pictures I took on the other side of the street. We have no idea what he was doing rowing around all day, possibly cleaning along the shoreline.

The last few photos aren't from the same walk, but some interesting shots I took around Suzhou. The mall in row 11 - columns 1 & 2, has only restaurants, no other stores