6 - June 12 to 13, 2006 - Hong Kong Businesses
Our neighbor asked me to share some of my adventures in southeast Asia with her class on international business at Aurora University. I took some of these photos specifically with that in mind, but others, just because they show the "flavor" of Hong Kong businesses.

I took the shot of the trade show ad, to indicate a method of capturing international trade which is being aggressively pursued by the Chinese manufacturers. McD's is just a "familiar face" but the other pix in the first 2 rows show the "visual clutter" that's everywhere in HK.

Some of the other photos deal with the terrific public transportation system they have, the banking, and currency trade.

There's a lot of familiar names, like Sony, Gucci, Cartier, and Dior, but there's a great deal that's unfamiliar, too. One expects to get real Sony products in the Sony store, and real Gucci bags in their store. What do you expect to get in the store with the spangly clothing and clouds on the ceiling, or the DVD store named "Cheapy"?

The Brink's truck, newspaper stand, supermarkets, and shopping malls are direct imports from the west, but look at the shelves in the supermarket. You see a few American products, but in Hong Kong most foodstuffs are imported from all over the international community. The packaging, the portions, and the arrangements on the shelves are totally different. Look at the size of the shopping cart the lady is pushing. It's good for about one meal for many families here.

We don't have "night markets" like Hong Kong, and even the smallest towns here wouldn't permit this kind of street food vendor on a permanent basis. Look at the last photo with the fish tank. The plates in front of it are "set-ups"... pick your fish, pick your dish! Bon Apetite!