Scroll down for pix of Hong Kong Harbor and Hong Kong Airport
7 - June 11 to 13, 2006 - Matt & Coral
As I said, I have to get sneaky to get candid, non-posed shots of these two. I'm really disappointed in the single-point autofocus of the camera. It didn't lock properly in that first photo of Coral and I felt cheated out of a beautiful shot. The second and third pix are in Coral's apartment. I didn't feel comfortable taking a bunch of photos in her home but thought her ceramics shelf and refrigerator magnets were fair game.

The last two were hit-or-miss shots on the MTR. They were the only ones that turned out okay from just pointing the camera in the general direction, letting it autofocus, and shooting.

8 - June 13, 2006 - Hong Kong Harbor at Night
Again, these photos are the residual from a larger set, many of which had blurred images because of the low light/slow shutter speed conditions. I can't do justice to the light show with a still camera. The lights on the buildings danced to the music playing behind us. I'd need a very wide angle lens to get in all the buildings at once. It was an experience I highly recommend to anyone willing to fly to Hong Kong.
9 - June 14, 2006 - Hong Kong Airport The first 3 photos are actually my trail of breadcrumbs. They're reminders of how to take the bus from the airport back to the MTR station, so I can get around without Matt or Coral being my "seeing-eye dog".

While at the terminal, waiting for the plane to board, I had some time to kill. I didn't think the camera would auto-focus throught the glass, but figured, "It's a digital camera. I can erase it." When they seemed to turn out okay, I found the flight path, and could see a line of planes stacked up, waiting to land. I got a little carried away taking pictures of the planes coming in, but some are pretty cool. There were 4 Chinese guys who saw me taking pictures out the window, and started to do it also. I showed them where the planes were coming in, then they wanted me to take a group photo of them. Later on I found they were sitting near me on the flight to O'Hare.

When I walked to the other side of the terminal, near the gate, I found that the departing flights were going out on that side, so I took a few more photos before the looooong flight home.