March 25, 2007 - Notre Dame Visit
After Jeanne's Home School Regatta and JCU Crew Night in Cleveland we drove to Toledo and stayed the night. Sunday morning we got on the road early and headed to South Bend for mass. We never seem to make it too much before noon, so we always end up at mass in the Crypt. Meg wanted to leave immediately after mass, but you can see that reason prevailed, and we walked around campus a bit.

The abortion statue is new, and is on the east side of Sacred Heart, just north of the side door. Of course I had to take a picture of "fair catch" Corby, along with shots of the admin building from various angles. There's even a photo of Meg, showing how annoyed she was, on our way to the Huddle for lunch.

I'm sure George Gipp's ghost still haunts Washington Hall. I also took a photo of the plaque on what remains of the Field House, and the North Quad. The Cavanaugh shots are for Dave Fromme, and the St. Edwards hall pictures are for Ed Cosgrove, Sr. The grotto photos are, of course, for all grads.

I took one shot of St. Mary's Lake before noticing that the sailing club was practicing on St. Joe's Lake, in front of Moreau. It looked like the crew team had a gala going on at the beach, but it was a long way off.

Meg finally won out, so I had to put away the camera and we hit the road for home.