July 28, 2007 - Shanghai
Well I've been through the Shanghai Pudong airport enough times, but never really got to see the city. I knew absolutely nothing about this, the most populous city in the world, despite the fact that I've been through it a dozen times

Since Coral was visiting Matt in Suzhou at the same time that I was at the plant on business, we took a Saturday to "see the sights", or at least touch a few of the high points in the city. We hired a driver for the day. He drove us from Suzhou to Shanghai, then dropped us off and let us walk around a bit. Whenever we needed transportaion, Coral would call him on the cell phone and have him pick us up, then drop us off someplace else.

As you can see from the photos, it was a long, hot day. We did survive, and the driver got us safely back to Suzhou, but not until well after dark.

Bikes, Lunch, & Cover-ups!!
City Sights
Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar
The Bund
Shanghai Museum
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Matt & Coral
I've separated out photos of Matt & Coral and posted them here, on the front page. If you're just looking for photos of these two, you needn't go through all the boring travel log that follows.

These are the last photos I got of them up until just before their wedding in December.