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City Sights
July 28, 2007 - Shanghai
We started our day in Shanghai with a visit to an old cathedral. Unfortunately it was closed for renovation, so we couldn't get in. It was a little disappointing first stop, but we continued, undaunted, in our touring.

We happened upon a Best Buy, which got Matt all excited. He had to stop to look around. While we were there, I took some photos of the busy city streets in this heavily commercial area of downtown Shanghai.

If I remember correctly, we had a little trouble in meeting up with the driver, so we wandered around some of the sidestreets for a while. The neighborhoods reminded me of Chicago, when I was little. Lots of overhead trolly cables, long front stairways. I don't recall seeing people pushing carts to sell peaches in Chicago, but there have to be SOME differences.

Coral told me something about the white spire building, but I don't remember. Can anyone look at the building with the big ball on top and NOT think of the DAILY PLANET? You can see that preparations are already starting for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Okay, there's more overhead wires, which we're not used to anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if someone said that Chicago had street vendors like these, too, but it was probably before my time. I thought the bamboo drying poles and racks outside the windows were pretty clever. Coral said that her mom had a similar setup for drying clothes in Hong Kong when Coral was little.

Apparently there aren't any ordinances against welding in the street so long as you don't wear eye protection. I couldn't help but think the name of that Sushi place could be easily misinterpreted by English speakers.

I swear that street corner in the lower left photo looks like Chicago Avenue when I was little. Then there's the Club Lita, looks like a kinda seedy place, right above the Family Mart. Okay, they need some zoning ordinance help. The last two shots were at the Radisson Hotel.