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Shanghai Museum
July 28, 2007 - Shanghai
We spent several hours wandering through the Shanghai Museum. I sort of recall that there was an entrance fee, but if so, it wasn't very much.

This museum was very unusual, if for no other reason than they allowed photographs in pretty much all the exhibits... even flash photographs. Personally, I thought that made it a lot more fun. I again made the mistake of taking photos of the artifacts rather than the people looking at them, but the items were all pretty cool.

I only took photos of a few of the masks on display. There had to be over a hundred though. The jade collection wasn't enormous, but had many beautifully carved pieces. I liked the small caravan of cast figurines, but it was tough to get a decent shot because it was so long.

There are only two shots of the carved wood pieces. I should've taken several photos of a carved table and chair set. The intricacy of the carving was astonishing. It must've taken years to complete!

The ceramic stuff was okay, but I've seen a lot of that in Hong Kong. The paintings were great.