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Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar
July 28, 2007 - Shanghai
This was a surprise. I found out from my sister, Cathy, that they were taken here on their tour of Shanghai in December. The only "garden" area I saw was the lagoon with the statue, fountain and fish. There may have been more, but I missed it. This was certainly picturesque, but throngs of people made it a little noisy. It may have been just the fact that we were there on a Saturday.

The bazaar part, on the other hand, was quite extensive. I know we didn't see all the shops, but there were dozens of tiny cubby-holes tucked away everywhere. People were selling everything from souvenir trinkets to antiques, groceries, and hardware items. There was some kind of stage show going on, but we couldn't really get close enough to see it well.