May 9 - 11, 2008 - Philadelphia
Reading Market
Meg and I flew to Philly to see Jeanne's last collegiate regatta, the Dad Vail, in early May. Since her race was on Friday morning, we stayed the weekend and poked around the city. Meg, the History major, had never seen Independence Hall or the Liberty Bell despite having been to Philadelphia numerous times.

Our hotel was right next door to the Reading Market, an indoor marketplace unlike any mall you've ever seen. The movie National Treasure (the original) has a scene in Reading Market. Right after visiting Independence Hall, the heros are chased by the bad guys and duck into Reading Market... but don't quite manage to escape.

Independence Hall
Independence Hall is rather extensive, so I've got lots of photos... too many to fit on this page with all the others. I've set up a separate page with the Independence Hall photos. Click on the picture of George at left to load the page of Independence Hall photos.
Liberty Bell
Meg led such a deprived youth that she never saw the Liberty Bell either. Since it's right across the street from Independence Hall (see it in the background), I made certain that we got her picture with the old ding dong.
Downtown Philly
We wandered through the historic distric and toured some old houses. The photo second from left on the top is supposed to be a mousetrap, although they didn't explain how it's supposed to work.

We walked to the waterfront... a little southeast of the historic district. It looked like a WWII battleship on the New Jersey side of the river. After looking around the waterfront park we stopped for lunch at a Hookah restaurant (Meg's idea). We waited an hour to get food despite the fact that there was almost no one else there. I guess there's not much chance of us going back there anyway.

I found two different weddings going on and had to snap a few shots.

Irish Memorial
While at the waterfront park we stumbled across the Irish Memorial... apparently a memorial to the Irish immigrants to America. I was trying to get a few pictures of my wife of Irish heritage in front of the memorial, but it took quite a while. A little old Asian lady was doing a complete photo shoot, I think it was for Vogue, so we had to wait for her to finish. It seemed a little odd, but...
US Marines Museum
The top photo here isn't the Marines Museum, it's Carpenter's Hall. The Marines Museum tucked away in the alley leading up to the front of Carpenter's Hall, so I thought I'd include it.

There wasn't really too much to see in the Marines Museum, but I took photos of the five plaques to the different Marine divisions. We couldn't help thinking about Uncle Paul, although we're not sure which of the five was his.

Ben Franklin
Philadelphia has waaaay more on Ben Franklin than a bust out side a fire station (He started the first fire protection brigades and fire insurance in Philadelphia.) and his gravesite. People throw pennies on his grave... I guess it's from his "A penny saved is a penny earned." crack in Poor Richards Almanac.

There's Franklin Court, the site of his home, with an underground museum. Since he was a postmaster, theres a post office next to the site. I didn't get photos of most of the Ben Franklin stuff, but he was a pretty interesting guy... well worth looking into the next time you're in Philadelphia, or a library, or just looking for something to Google.