June 7, 2008 - Heap-O-ChiTown
Art Institute
Millenium Park - Spittin' Images
Millenium Park - The Bean
Millenium Park - Pavillion
Around Town
Wendella Boat Ride
When Meg's college friend Shiela (Dearing) and her husband John Heaps came to visit in June, we took them on our summer tour of downtown Chicago. The first stop had to be the Art Institute, where I got them to pose in front of the southern Lion. I don't know why everyone poses in front of the southern Lion... maybe he's more hospitable.
After poking around inside the Art Institute, we walked through the sculpture garden and up to the Spittin' Images at Millenium Park. Since it was a warm summer day, there were lot's of people cooling off. Too bad they've reduced the pump pressure. Those water streams almost touched each other when the park first opened.
Next is, of course, a visit to The Bean. Everyone enjoys the polished images as much as they used to look in the wavy mirrors at carnivals... Ooooh, you look fat... You're so tall and skinny... if you're over 40, you'll remember
There was a high school graduation in progress at the music pavillion. We walked up through the indoor "Family Fun Center", and watched barkers desperately trying to attract fun-seekers. A couple of kids stacking blocks was about the most interesting thing there. I waited quite a while to get a photo of the inevitable Crash of the Block Tower... but my wait was in vain.
We turned up north Michigan Avenue, and ran into some quick showers. I couldn't figure out what that statue was just south of the Tribune Tower... turned out to be King Lear. I don't know what he has to do with Chicago... a Bozo statue would probably be more appropriate. I also got a shot of the horse-drawn carriages lined up just west of the old water tower.
It seems that every time I walk around a big city, I find weddings. I've posted numerous photos of Hong Kong weddings (besides Matt and Coral's). I got shots of two weddings when we visited Philadelphia. Now they've invaded Chicago. They just never learn, do they?
Since we were getting wet from the rain anyway, we decided to go for a Wendella Boat Ride. They go up the river a ways, then through the locks and into the lake. I only took one photo of my intrepid travelling companions. It was before the boat started moving, so that's the reason for their apparent distractions.

There's a few nice shots of the Chicago skyline on a rather overcast afternoon. Then I couldn't help but get all artsy when we got close to the lighthouse at the end of the breakwater. I took about two dozen shots, but I think these are the best.

Okay... then we took the train home.