April 5, 2008 - Return to Zavarella 5

Episode VI - Attack of the Twins

This was one of our last visits to the Cleveland system since Jeanne graduated from JCU this spring. As you can see from the photos below, we were attacked by the nefarious Sebasanjo Twins, in the employ of the sinister Darth Gino and his apprentice, Darth Nick.

While one of the twins hurled football-like objects at us the other held Jesus captive, attempting to chloroform him. I captured action photos that tell the whole tale.

Sebastian looks like he'll make Uncle Ed Cosgrove proud, although I think he's more likely to be a linebacker than a quarterback. Joey loves Jesus; there's no denying it.

Nick told me a Star Wars tale, complete with action figures, for close to 20 minutes. Gino is at that great age where he just wants to run around, climb fences, and do all kinds of littel boy stuff. He's not quite to the Tom Sawyer stage, but he's getting there.

Massimo was totaly FOCUSED on a video game while we were visiting, but I think he get's his licks in at other times.