July 13, 2008 - Knoll Creek Block Party
We had a little block party with some of our neighbors on Knoll Creek this evening. Everyone looked so young that Meg and I felt like we're definitely among the older "Creekers".

It was beautiful weather, warm with a nice breeze. The food was excellent... lots of goodies. Everyone had a nice time just catching up and swapping experiences.

I attempted to play "photographer" again since I really need the practice. The sun was so bright that it wasn't ideal photo lighting. It's difficult to minimize the sharp lighting contrast under those conditions. Shooting in "camera raw" and using Photoshop are a big help though.

I tried to get a few action shots of the kids and captured football and bean bags in mid-flight. Little Brooke Hall looks like she has a future as an election judge... she's learned how to stuff the ballot box.