July 20, 2008 - Paul's Housewarming Party
The weekend before last Paul threw a party to show off his townhouse to family and friends. He's spent quite a bit of time and money fixing it up since he bought it a little over a year ago.

You can see that the Stiglianese family is always up for a good party, so lots of my cousins, plus Aunt Dolly and Uncle Ed stopped by for a visit.

Lots of Paul's friends stopped by, too. Especially good to see Evan... it's been a while. Notice that the photo of Brandon walking up with a pack of beer, is immediately followed by a shot of Meg after having christened Paul's garage floor with aforementioned pack of beer.

Now it would be unfair and inaccurate to simply say that Jennifer's family "stopped by". They were already cutting up stuff and preparing food when we arrived. Likewise, Meg spent many hours shopping and preparing before the big day, and spent most of the day in food preparation and cleanup. The spilled beer was just a sideline.

It was pretty warm out, but we found a few shady spots. I think everyone had a pretty nice time, so we can say Paul's first part was a success.