August 16, 2008 - A Visit with Uncle Paul & Aunt Ruth
Meg and I hooked up with Mary Catherine and Dennis Andres in mid-August and headed to Grand Haven for a visit with Uncle Paul and Aunt Ruth. The trip was quite memorable, starting with our initial "connection".

We followed Mary Catherine's directions and exited I-94 at New Buffalo. Then we spent 1/2 hour driving around the cener of town while on the phone trying to find her. Eventually we realized that there are two... count 'em... 2 exits for this booming metropolis.

This epiphany of course, led to our actually meeting Mary Catherine and Dennis so we could drive together as planned. The Cosgroves insisted that we take the (yawn) scenic route along the lake, which turned out NOT to be terribly more scenic than the expressways which also run along the lake.

We stopped for lunch in Glenn. If I recall, we first attempted to dine at the "Full Belly Deli" but ended up across the street at a brunch diner with a much more forgettable moniker. The burgers and pie made a great impression though. I'd certainly recommend it if I could recall the name.

When we eventually arrived at Uncle Paul and Aunt Ruth's house we had a nice chat on the back porch before heading off to Saturday evening mass with them... very convenient. We thought they got into an auto accident on the way back from church, but it was a different tan-colored SUV.

Aunt Ruth showed us their unusual Pirch tree... actually a pine tree which took root in the crotch of a birch. Pretty cool! After a little more chatting it was time to head back so we had to say goodbye to our translake relatives.

On the way back we stopped for dinner at a place called Goog's. I know it was south of Holland because I remember the Dutch shoes during the ladies' diatribe about hunger pangs. It must've been somewhere around Saugatuk.

We made it home rather late that evening, but certainly had a lot of fun with Mary Catherine and Dennis. There were only minimal complaints about my driving... or maybe I'm blocking that out. I'm looking forward to another trip with them sometime soon!