March 25, 2009 - Dinner with the Grants
John and Pat picked us up at our front door and drove to our traditional restaurant - Fantastico's in Batavia. The location has changed in the past few years, moving to the west side of the river, directly on Wilson. It's the first time I'd been there since they moved. The atmosphere is quite different than the old place... certainly a move up (it's not as drafty either), but there was something charming... maybe "basic"... about the old place too. The "Pasta e Fagioli" is still delicious and the menu is similar.

Meg and I always have fun when we're out with John and Pat. Half the time Meg and Pat are talking about people I don't know, but John can keep things pretty "real". You can see that we came back to Knoll Creek for desert, where Meg outdid herself. It was yummy.

Anyone who knows Patricia can't help but being inspired by her spunk. Before going, I had an idea for a "Pat" image. You can see that I asked her to pose for a couple of shots without telling her what I had in mind. The finished image is at the bottom... maybe a little lame, but I couldn't help myself.