May 25, 2009 - Memorial Day at the Gullings
Colleen Gulling invited us over for a cookout on Memorial Day. It was really sweet of her to ask us back again after our last visit!

Due to the dreary weather outside, Rick and I were the only ones who ventured outdoors for any length of time. Rick did a great job of toasting the burgers, although Colleen stood by with a fire extinguisher just in case. Notice how I cleverly photographed her behind the wind chime...?!

I didn't quite understand the point of the watermelon... or the hats, for that matter, but hey, what do I know? Everyone had a great time and I finally got a nice shot of the Dohans. You can see that there's still work to be done with the Bellefleurs.

Thanks Colleen, for cheering up an otherwise dreary day!