July 24, 2009 - AimeeNFriendz
In July we shuffled off to Buffalo, ostensibly for a wedding shower, but really to pick up a refurbished Husqvarna chain saw in Lackawana. We also got to visit with numerous Cosgrove family branches, including the Scheiderer's while we were in town.

I enjoyed taking photos of beautiful, little Aimee and Dad, Adam. We missed Mom, Trina, but hope to see her on the next visit in November.

Naturally we got Grandma Ellen, and Great Aunt Ceil... not just a good aunt, but a "Great Aunt". I also got a shot of the "November Brides of 2009", Mary Cathleen and Jennifer. Great Aunt Meg even got a chance to hold Aimee for a while.

Now I've had some complaints about the black & white shots where I left Aimee's eyes colorized. I did NOT change the color in her eyes. Look at some of the color shots. She really has incredible blue eyes. Making the rest of the shot B&W just brings it out more!

I do want to update that sepia though. Since working on these I've developed a better sepiatone process which is provides a much richer color tone. It looks even better when a little color is added back in.

Aimee wasn't sure at first, but then decided that she likes sour cherries!