Historical Photos - Stiglianese & Pellegrinetti Families
It may be evident from the page title that these are old Stiglianese and Pellegrinetti family photos. I'm leaving room to post photos from Meg's family, the Cosgroves, although there's already a link to a website of old Cosgrove photos under Links.

These images have been scanned from photographs or slides. Nearly all have required a very labor-intensive "cleaning" process. I use Photoshop® to adjust brightness, color, and contrast in an attempt to produce a better image. Then I have to zoom way in, to remove every little dust spec manually (that's the hard part). The process yields very large (60 Mbyte - super HiRes) images, which I obviously, cannot post on the web. These are LoRes versions of the larger images. If anyone would like the super HiRes, I'll try to make do with CD's until I get a DVD burner. I also have regular HiRes images (about 9 MByte each) which are much more manageable, but still produce very nice prints.

Click on the images below to go to the page of photos pertaining roughly to the listed topics.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for HiRes images or prints.

Michael & Carmela Stiglianese Archive
I've got a lot of work to do on this section. It's still somewhat disorganized and I'm looking for old photos to post. If you've got additional photos or information on Michael and/or Carmela Stiglianese, please let me know so we can share with the rest of the family.
I've recently added some pictures John Stiglianese sent of Pomarico, Italy, and included some maps and satellite photos.
There's a lot of work to do here, too. Many of these photos are also available on Cousin Mario's website and/or on Jim Sinclair's website. Cousin Mario also has a great Pellegrinetti Family Tree with many photos attached. You can get to these websites through the Links page.

There are a few "exclusive" photos here, so browse around and see if there's something you like.

Pellegrinetti Photos
1950's plus - General Photos Cousin Mario Pellegrinetti (from Camporgiano) is in the middle. Benito Mussolini's granddaughter is holding his left arm. She is a local politician and is married to Sophia Loren's nephew, who is standing on his immediate right.