Pomarico, Italy
Some years ago, Uncle Mike, Linda, cousin John, and Dawn visited Pomarico. John recently sent me these photos with the following notes:
The house with the red door was grandmas... about as big as a one car garage. She used to tell me about getting the chickens from the coup and killing them for supper. You can see the little coup in front of the house. [I can't help but wonder what they did for food after they killed the two chickens that lived there!] We got to go inside and I took the pic of the
fireplace. When I was a small boy she told me she used to cook in a fireplace when she was young. I took more inside the house but they did not turn out. Still a dirt floor, but there was a toilet, one sink, and one light bulb. Sorry, not too computer savy. I took pictures of the pictures to get them on the computer. That's why they're not too great. [The fourth photo is] the view from the back balcony.
The church is where grandma & grandpa got married.
Me, Rocino, and my pop
Rooftop at Katarina's house in Bernalda
[Who is Katarina?]
[Who is Rocino?]
Before getting into too much detail on the town of Pomarico, I thought it might be helpful to know exactly where it is. The maps at left show it's location in the mountainous "instep" of the "boot" of Italy.

As you zoom in on the maps, and the detail of roads becomes a little sparse, I've switched over to satellite photos at the right. As you can see from the lower right satellite photo, we can almost zoom in on individual houses. If you look closely, you can see dots on the larger roads, which are vehicles traveling along them.

If we knew where, in town, grandma's house is, we could get a better idea of the view she saw from her balcony (see John's pix below). It would appear that she was on the edge of town, but we don't know "which edge".