Pellegrinetti Family: General Photos
Cousin Mario (in Camporgiano) has many Pellegrinetti family photos along with a Family Tree on his website. The main website is accessible through the Links page. Both Mario and Jim Sinclair include some of the photos below on their sites. I'll try to keep these organized and annotated as best as possible.
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This photo of Nono (Nello) was taken when he was 18 years old. Since he was born in 1894, that would put it around 1912. He was still living in Camporgiano at that time. Nice hat! (on the chair)
Carlo Pellegrinetti and his son, Corrado. I expect this was taken before 1910, making it the oldest photo on the website! This is Carlo and his son, Cesare, taken in about 1916. Cesare is cousin Mario's dad. This is Carlo and Irina Pellegrinetti. This is Nono's father, my great-grandfather. Irina is Carlo's second wife, and a step-mother to his 8 sons. His first wife, Isolina Giannotti, died some years earlier. Taken on June 17, 1923.
From left that's Flossie D'Onofrio(?), Mary Pizillo, Mom, Dolly, Mary Pellegrinetti, Grace, and Nancy (D'Onofrio) Burns. This is during WW II, so I'm guessing 1943.
Mary & Dominic D'Onofrio's wedding. (1944?)
This was taken in June, 1924. From left that's Gemma, Bianca (8 months old), Mary, and Nello This photo was dated 1939... which would make dad 17 and mom 15, but I'm thinking they look 2 or 3 years older.
Judging from Delia's age and Tom's absence, this was taken late 1946. Back row left to right is Anne, Dominic D'Onofrio (Mary's husband), Bianca (my mom), and Vito (Bill) Stiglianese (my dad). Lower row is Noni (Gemma), Mary, Delia (Mary & Dom's daughter), and Nono.
Here are the musketeers. Mary at left, Bianca (my mom) in back, and Anne at right, with Noni sitting. No exact date on this photo, but I'd guess 1945. Nice shoes Anna!
Maria Pellegrinetti (Billy's wife)
December 27, 1944 - (from left) Mom's friend Joanne, Mom, and her sister, Anne
Nono and Noni are at a wedding. It's not Anne's, because he had a white tuxedo there! Could it be my parents in 1946? Gee, I was such a cute kid. This was probably in 1950. It might have been in our back yard at 920 N. Lawndale.
This photo of mom is undated. She looks happy, so it must have been taken before I was born, in 1948.
This is Carl D'Onofrio's christening, so I'm guessing fall of 1953. This photo is of particular interest, because Louie D'Onofrio has never looked that pious. Marianne looks less than a year, so this photo with Noni was summer of 1954. That's Marianne, Dad, and Bob Calabrese at a Belden picnic in 1954.
1954 was the year for picnic photos. That's Nono, Mary with Carl, and Mom with Marianne. Then, of course, there's mom at the right. She would've been still 31 at the time. Mom, Marianne, & Mary (back) me, Tom, and John (middle), and Delia with Nancy Marie Burns. September, 1954. There's Delia, Marianne, and Dad. From Marianne's age, I'd have to guess fall 1954.
Anne's wedding to Bob Calabrese. The magic day was June 2, 1956.
Nono is cooking up a storm at Thanksgiving. Jim Sinclair says this was 1960. I gues he's resting after all that flurry of cooking activity. Since he's wearing the same outfit (less the tie) We can assume this is also 1960.