Stiglianese Family: General 1950's Photos
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9/30/50 - From the date, this is apparently a casual family dinner, rather than a party. Grandpa and grandma (Michael and Carmella) are on the left. Dad and Mom (Vito and Bianca) are left and right closest to the camera. The others at the table are Joe (a.k.a. Kramer) at left, Katherine (Dolly) at the far end with me on her lap, then Michael and Grace on the right. 2/10/51 - This was taken at my 3rd birthday. That's CarmaLee dancing with me. Lauren is on the right. She got the mark on her forehead from a tossing/bumping incident. I don't recall the tosser, but I think it was my father. I'm not sure of the background figures. The old flash bulbs didn't carry very far. I've increased the brightness, but they're still quite dark.
2/10/51 - Also from my 3rd birthday. Top from left are cousins John and Tom D'Onofrio, me, and cousins CarmaLee and Lauren Marciniak. Lower row is Paul Muzzacano (lived next door), cousin Pauline Marciniak and cousin Delia D'Onofrio.
4/1/51 - This was taken on Grandma & Grandpa's anniversary, apparently back at their house. From left that's cousins CarmaLee and Lauren, me, and cousin Pauline. We're soooooo cute!
2/17/51 - This was Dad's 29th birthday! From left that's Dad, me, Mom, cousin Lauren Marciniak in Grace's arms. I think that's Nono (Nello Pellegrinetti) behind Grace in the darkness. Apparently Dad initiated the "Don Johnson" look. 4/1/51 - This was a party for Grandma & Grandpa's Anniversary. I believe it was their 30th. From left around the table: Dolly, Joe, Grandpa, Grandma, Michael, Lauren, CarmaLee, Grace, Laurence, Pauline, Mom, me, and Dad, who seems to be eating.
4/1/51 - Also taken at Grandma & Grandpa's anniversary at their house. That's Dad on the left, smoking a cigar in the dark. It's hard to tell who's behind the pillow, but matching the hair and ribbon to the last photo, it's probably CarmaLee. Then there's Grandma and Grandpa. In the back from left is Dolly, Joe, and Michael. Of course that's me in the lower right. 12/24/51 - Christmas Eve at our house (920 N. Lawndale, Chicago). That's Mr. Strus with his back to the camera. From left around the table is Mrs. Strus, Grandma, Grandpa, Nono and Noni Pellegrinetti, me, and cousin Cathy (newborn) on Dolly's lap. Standing from left is Dad, Joe, Mom, and Michael.
6/23/52 - This is me, holding cousin, Cathy Strus, at a Stiglianese family picnic in 1952.
1/10/53 - This is cousin Cathy Strus' first birthday party. From the date and the fact that she's in the Christmas Eve photo, I assume it was scheduled a bit after her actual birthday to avoid holiday conflicts. That's cousin Stanley and Pauline on the left, then me (looking angelic), and Cathy. I actually remember those drapes, but then, they're kinda hard to forget! 1958? - There was no date on this photo. It's a little embarassing picture taken at my piano recital. I've managed to block out much of the "Miss Johnson/piano lesson" experience, so the exact date may remain a mystery.