Stiglianese Family: 1951 - Trip to the Southwest
These images were converted from slides using my Nikon Coolscan ED. The slides are reproductions of pictures taken by Uncle Ed Strus on a trip to the American Southwest. The traveling troupe, packed into a 1949 Plymouth, consisted of Dad, Mom, me (at 3 years old), Mom's father (Nello Pellegrinetti), and Aunt Dolly and Uncle Ed Strus. I'm not sure whether or not this was a honeymoon trip, but they were newly married.

I've done some minimal annotation on these photos to provide some background to each. I'm hoping Dad, Aunt Dolly, and Uncle Ed can give me a little more info on some of them.

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Dad, me, and Mom at ? Mountains in northwest Texas or New Mexico? Here's the crew at Carlsbad Caverns. In the lower left that's Nono, Dad, me, Aunt Dolly, & Mom.
Well that's me, but, again, I have no idea where!
Another Carlsbad Caverns shot with Aunt Dolly, Dad, me, Mom, and Nono in the lower left. I have no idea of the location, but that's Dad loading the car, with Nono looking on.
This is a US/Mexico border station. It's hard to tell if we're coming or going, but that's Nono & Mom at the car.
Here we are at a Trading Post on an Indian reservation somewhere in New Mexico. I guess the dichotomy of horse & buggy on a paved highway is interesting.
This is somewhere in the Rockies. That's Dad outside our car in the front. Still in the Rockies, that's our car in front and Nono at right background. Aunt Dolly in the "Painted Desert"/Petrified Forest in Northeastern Arizona.
Uncle Ed, Dad, and Nono are standing in front of a huge petrified log. Nono at the Grand Canyon. He still had his tie and suspenders on. Here's Dad at the Grand Canyon. I noticed while cleaning the image that he's holding a cigarette.
That's me, Dad, and Nono at Hoover Dam. I had to really pick up the foreground brightness on this. Aunt Dolly must've taken these "celebrity family" shots of Mom, Dad, and me on the beach. That's Uncle Ed looking up, and Nono in the background. This must be near Los Angeles.
Nono, Dad, and Aunt Dolly at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. I'm not sure which of the southern California missions this is. By cranking the brightness way up I have found that there is a figure standing in the front doorway, although I can't tell who it is.
I think that's Aunt Dolly at a shrine near L.A.
I believe that Seal Rock can be seen from the wharf in San Francisco.
Aunt Dolly in Chinatown in San Francisco We're still in San Francisco, because this is the Golden Gate Bridge.
The Redwood Forest is just north of San Francisco. This could be Muir Woods.
Nono is in the window on the left, Dad & Mom in the center window, & I'm at the door in this Yellowstone cabin. That's Uncle Ed in front of the main Lodge in Yellowstone Park.
Dad & me at left, Mom, and Nono with the snowball, at Yellowstone Park We really did see Old Faithful. That person in the photo doesn't belong to us, though.
Whitewater in Yellowstone Park
Well, that's all the photos I have from this trip. Hope you enjoyed them.
Mount Rushmore is a pretty neat cap for any trip!