May 24, 2008 - Laura Strus' Graduation
In May we put the snow tires back on the car and headed up to Ed and Kathleen's house, north of the 42nd parallel, for Laura's graduation party. Since the recent thaw of the ice pack, Ed was out in his shorts. Most of us from the more southern climes were in jackets and sweaters. I guess you have to make the best of the abbreviated summer season up in Hawthorne Woods.
YES! They had cake
I got a few nice photos of The Graduate and a good number of guest shots. Even Stan, recent heart attack victim was there. This was one of Jeanne's last functions before shipping off to Kyrgystan with the Peace Corps.

There were a few neighbors and friends I didn't recognize, but plenty of family, too.

In case you were wondering about it... they had cake! The first photo is before the "unwrapping". As you can see from the second photo, I was a little too late to get a picture in the pristine, out-of-the-case state. I thought it best to take a photo as proof that it was eaten, rather than saved for grandchildren.
"Jello of the North"
The frigid climate this far north instills a love of alcoholic beverages to warm their little hearts and fannies. They tried to get me to believe that "Jello shots" were sort of an "IN" college thing, but we old timers know when the kids are trying to pull a fast one. It's really just another local custom for Hawthorne Woods and a Strus family tradition. You can see Aunt Dolly downing it like a pro.
HELLLLO Cubbies!
Since Dave was pitching, I set the Rebel into burst mode and got a nice sequence of his wind up and pitch. He needs to work on his follow through a little, but we won't tell.