December 7, 2008 - Christmas Concert
Kathy D'Onofrio was nice enough to invite us back this year to her singing group's Christmas Concert at St. Water's Church in Roselle. After all the photographic practice I got last year, I wasn't sure they were going to put up with me again this year. But a year is a long time and they undoubtedly forgot.

For those of you who didn't know, I went to grade school at St. Walter's. Of course it was just a log cabin back then. The church has actually been turned sideways since my days there. That was done so they could deny the authenticity of any photos which might show me as an altarboy with Msgr. Wagner or Father Prello. Despite the best attempts of the staff, I still know my way around the place. I was able to roam freely through the building during the concert, and got a few decent shots.

Casa D'Onofrio
First, I want to point out this clever arrangement of concert photos. Note that it completely covers the individual topics of "Before", "During", and "After" the concert. I have to make certain that everyone appreciates this truly novel presentation.

Moving right along... we have here a selection of pictures taken before the singing started. You might notice that no one is paying a lick of attention to what is going on. They're just sort of rousing around and talking, even as the group made their way to the risers.

Finally the parish priest had to stand up and tell everyone to be quiet. No, really he just gave a little holiday pep-talk, to which most people actually listened.

Well, this is the only photo I took during the concert... don't they wish! Actually, I didn't want to bog down the page loading so there's a selection of about 35 concert photos on another page. You can load that page by clicking the image at the left.
For the past few years, Kathy and Tom have graciously opened their home to concert-goers and singers to share a meal after the event. A few of us vagabonds snuck in too.

Here's some of the shots I took at their home. I didn't get any of cousin, Tom, or Katy in here. Oh well, they're in the pre-concert photos. Katy's husband, John, wryly keeps away from me during these events.

If you see yourself and don't like it, too bad. I've been careful to avoid photos of people eating, so it could've been worse.