December 7, 2008 - Christmas Concert Photos
Here is a selection of the concert photos. Kathy D'Onofrio has a photo book and a DVD containing all of these and more. How many more? Enough to bore you to tears! Of course I've got them as well. If you like one and want a HiRes copy, you can contact either of us. If you don't like one, as I've said before... too bad.

After everyone got settled, they belted out several Christmas Carols, accompanied by a talented little band. You can see that the drummer kept his son occupied as well.

They also performed a number of pieces highlighting soloists, duets, or small groups, with the choir providing background.

I believe the Director started this choir about 20 years ago, so they've been running for quite a long time. The experience certainly shows. They even had the good taste to NOT perform a medley!

The choir filed down the aisles and into the audience for the final number. I got a pretty decent shot of Kathy, but should've zoomed in a little tighter.