April 4, 2009 - Maura & John's Engagement Party
Can't Help Myself
Well Maura and John are officially engaged! Colleen Gulling was nice enough to invite us to the engagement party, so I thought I'd try to help record the celebration.

You can see from my cover design that I'm trying to improve my Photoshop skills. There's a few other examples of my "tweaking" throughout these photos. Some are obvious, but I'm hoping that you won't notice most of them. Maybe you'll just think that I did a decent job with the photography.

Frog Went a Courtin'
Finally we come to a few images where I tried to be creative... gifts under the lights with a nice color flow, wooden bunny and eggs on the table, and the illustration conversion.

When I looked at that photo John talking to Maura's uncle, he just had that look of "Dude! What are you talking about?" Sorry, but my imagination just ran away with me, so I had to convert it to an illustration (a photoshop technique) and add a caption to bring attention to the comic theme.

Yes, the original photo of these roses was taken at their party.
The girls were a popular subject for photos throughout the evening. First there was the traditional frog feeding frenzy. Later on, they just humored me and pretended to be supermodels while I snapped away.
Maura & John
The guests of honor get top billing here. I tried to get some candid shots, but these are about the best. The posed ones came out reasonably well. I kinda went wild with the effects, but am only posting the more traditional ones. I wasn't certain how much either of them would like being turned into an illustration. They really are a great-looking couple.
Cookie Cake
We can't try to compete with the real wedding cake, so let's have a little fun... a cookie cake. That's pretty creative. I didn't get the "take out the dog" reference, but assume that's an inside joke. The picture of the cake groom has a little "illustration effect". I thought it might help the image to "pop" a little better.
Gulling Clan
I didn't realize there were quite so many Logan shots. He's a tough guy to get in a good candid shot. Of course he looks nice with his big sister in the posed shots.

There's only two shots of Bridget, but she arrived a little later after work. There weren't quite as many opportunities, but the I think the one on the right is pretty nice.

Of course that's the best of the two or three Gulling family photos. We had to have some pictures of Colleen taking pictures. I hope she didn't break the camera in taking that shot of me. If you notice, the photo is tilted up slightly... I shot that one from the hip.

Phamily Photos
Party Photos - Page 2
I believe these are Colleen's siblings and her aunt. Lacking a family tree however, I can't be entirely certain. Separating these as part of the "organization" of this page also helps to balance out the more general party pix on the next page

I believe 3 of these including the two group shots, were taken with the wide-angle lens. A special filter helped reduce the lens distortion so they look pretty nice.

Every now and again if I take enough photos, eventually one happens to come out really well. This shot of Colleen is among my favorites. Her expression is just so darn cute! Karen looks adorable in the hat, but I didn't capture her as well. The Mikes were great sports. One of the advantages of carrying the camera is that I don't have to wear women's hats.
In order to allow this page to load faster, I've taken about half of the photos and posted them on a second page. Click on the photo at the right to load that page for more photo fun and excitement.
Two of the faces on this photo have been replaced in Photoshop. I took two shots of the ladies, but couldn't get everyone to look good in either... hence the face lifts. Click on this photo again to enlarge it when you get to the next page. See if you can find which ones were swapped.