Since the Kirks are the most proliferative bunch in the family, both in progeny and photo submissions, it has become necessary to establish a special web page specifically for their photo submissions because I can't do anything about their progeny.

Sorry if I've been inconsistent in posting your photos. I've been so cramped for time since last November that the website postings have been somewhat hit-or-miss. Keep sending photos. I won't forget you!

Mark & Gina Kirk
May 6, 2008 Gabriel Vincent Kirk
Here's the photo story of Gabriel's arrival. I've left out a few photos... but you can still see the "major players". There's Mark (above relaxing... enjoy it now, buddy!), Gina, the proud Grandparents (Gina's Mom & Dad), a nurse to be named later, and, of course, Gabriel.

He doesn't look quite ready to "blow his horn" here, but I imagine he'll do some serious tooting in the weeks to come. Mark and Gina have some sleepless nights ahead, but we know that they'll look at him lovingly in his crib and think "What have I gotten myself into?!?"

In that last photo he looks like a little burrito with a head. Enjoy him!

These images were obviously taken somewhat before May 6... although not a whole lot before! On the left that's an unnamed pal comparing tummies with Gina, Gina + Gabriel-to-be, and Mark. We don't wanna know where they were.

To the right we have the photo of the youngest person ever on the website... age - "minus one week".

September 24, 2007 California Dreamin'
On Septeber 24 we received these photos of a wedding Gina and Mark Kirk attended in Santa Barbara. That makes them the current front-runner in the number of Kirk photos received for posting... so they go first!

Some of the photos were numbered with Fuji-style photo numbers, but others were titled. This, plus the fact that they were different frame sizes, make me think they were taken with different cameras.

I've attempted to put them in some chronological order, using clues like... what people are wearing and... the typical "order of events" in weddings. If I've gotten some out of sequence, Mark will have to correct me.

Although we don't know most of the people here, comparison with the photos below can allow us to identify Julian and "DaveMc".

Peter & Min Kirk
Peter & Min get to go second, because they've been sending photos in the longest. Peter sent these on 11/12/06. That's Monica and Ryan at their piano recital. Unfortunately, I messed up the download and lost 3 of the photos. I'll leave room on the page and then try to recover them.
That's Monica and Ryan at their finest. The photo of Ryan was labeled "May Day 2006", so it's pretty well pinned down. It looks like the upper left photo of Min and Monica was taken January, 2006, while the shot of Monica and her buds was in between the other two.
This photo has been around for a while. I'm guessing it was taken in spring, 2005.

Here's Peter Kirk's gang... his wife, Min, Ryan, and Monica. They live in Hawaii, so go ahead... be jealous! Actually, Matt said that he took this photo when he visited the Kirk's in Hawaii.

Rumor has it that another Kirk is on the way. Dave & Tiffany are moving into the "largest family" lead in the Kirk Klan.
Dave & Tiffani Kirk
Finally, we'll put in Dave and Tiffani. That's Jessica, Grace, and Danny havin' a good 'ol time! These photos came in July, 2006, so you guess the ages.
Okay... the rest of you Kirk family slackers are going to have to get some digital photos in here pronto!