Links to Family Websites and Web References
I'm trying to help keep our families in touch as we all become more "global". I don't want to post e-mail addresses because it's too easy for web crawlers to pick them up from the site and publish them. We all get enough SPAM as it is. These are links to family websites and web references to family members.
As I get more links posted, I'll separate them according to family, but for now, they're just all jumbled together.
Web Sites
Cosgrove Family Photos Michael Miller Mario Pellegrinetti Christian Coates-Pellegrinetti Coral Law
Phillip Sinclair
Jim Sinclair
Web References
Joe Strus
Cousin Michael Scott Stiglianese (Ohio)
Peter "Big Dog" Straka
Where we work
Mike Stiglianese
Edward C. Cosgrove
Edward E. Cosgrove
Terry Cosgrove
Carol Straka
Tim Straka